Our Solutions


Analysis & Architecture

First, we go over the requirements analysis phase, after which we draw an architecture for your application. We carefully think about user interaction, privacy and security. This phase is crucial in the development process whereas its results represent your mobile vision.

Design & Development

The mobile market is huge, but social. Having said that, it must be clear that an efficient design and good quality software are key indicators for potential success. Our agile development process ables us to adjust designs during development and even test phases.

Marketing & Distribution

Together we decide what is the best way of distributing your application and getting the best results out of it. There are several ways that support traditional marketing to get a lot of attention for your apps. Each platform stands out in one or more different ways.

Ongoing Innovation

As a mobile development company with a lot of experience in traditional development, we know our basics. Mobile platforms, on the other hand, evolve quickly and it is thus important to read, learn and understand, always. Knowledge in one market, helps you understand the other.


Making money out of your applications would be your ultimate goal. Our commitment is that we try and understand what is really adding value to your business. Whether that would be a payed app, putting money straight in your pocket or a free app, supporting your community.

Consulting Services

We are here to get you on those mobile platforms while making the right choices. If you want to know more about our mobile development capabilities, please drop us a question using these contact details, and we will get right back to you!